MacDill Air Force Base
March 4, 2017
The Boots on the Court crew arrived at MacDill Air Force Base on a chilly Friday night.  After our traditional dinner at Qdoba off base, we went to bed looking forward to the next day of fun and clinics.
Saturday morning was beautiful, sunny, breezy and a cool 55 degrees.  The wind was blowing straight off the bay, and while there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, those of us at the registration table found ourselves bundled up in jackets, scarves and even gloves.  We had to tape everything down so it wouldn’t blow away.
This event was our 4th trip to MacDill, and while Dickie, JoAnne Russell and I felt like old hands, this event ushered in an entirely new crew.  Katie Hamilton, our very own tennis shop receptionist made the trip with us and worked registration with me.  Robert Korszeniewski, my co-worker at the Wellington Tennis Center was on the court with Dickie and Jo all day. Robert’s wife, Tommisa was a trooper at the registration table, bring the chill in a puffer coat- thanks Tommisa!  Good thing we came prepared for the elements. Jim Tierney and his son, John, also joined us.  Once again, Lt. Farrah Smoke brought her parents Jill and Alan along with their adorable Yorkie, Coca. Coca worked the registration table and was able to keep everything moving along smoothly.  Thanks, Coca.  The new crew was lights out, but we definitely missed all the “old” regulars and look forward to merging the two!
The kids clinics were well attended and so much fun.  Twenty five participated in the little ones (ages 4-8).  The clinic ended with a very tightly contested “Spider Race.”  I believe Robert’s team took the title, and they look forward to defending it next year.
The next  group saw the older kids (ages 9-15) take to the courts.  Lastly, we saw some very interesting tennis from the adults (ages 16+).  Daniel Sears, Juan Ramos, Sandra Kobelia, Vashema Bourne and Al Smoke, each won a new pair of New Balance tennis shoes in the Target Tennis competition.  It was a repeat performance by Sandra and Vashema.  Possible ringers?
Many thanks to New Balance for its sponsorship and support of the program.  
Thanks as well to Sandra Kobelia, Lt. Smoke and Airman Vashema Bourne for all your hard work.  It’s thanks to your professionalism and dedication that we were able to pull off all of our events at MacDill over the last three years. 
The day concluded with another wonderful dinner on the beach at the on-base restaurant, Seascapes.  We sat by the beach, watched cruise ships go by, dolphins frolicking and people enjoying a relaxing evening.  We cannot thank the crew enough for all their efforts and dedication.  It has been said that an event is only as good as its volunteers, and, if we go by that standard, we have the best events!  THANK YOU!